When you will see final results after your Henderson NV breast augmentation

Changes to your breasts will be apparent immediately after breast enlargement, but these changes will not be your final results. Your results will continue to take shape over the following days, weeks and months. Three main things will take place during this time:

Swelling will be the most pronounced in the first week after your surgery. Your breast implants will also look as though they are too high on your chest. This high position is completely normal: The breast implants will settle into a natural, attractive position over the next several weeks. Our patients feel comfortable with the way they look in clothes during the first week after breast augmentation, even as the implants continue to settle.

Swelling is reduced significantly in the first two weeks or so. At this point, you should be quite happy with the way your breasts look. It's also completely normal for subtler, less noticeable swelling to persist for a few more months, but you may not even be able to detect the difference in swelling during this time. After a year, it's safe to say that all swelling will have subsided, and you will be seeing the final shape and appearance of your breasts.

Of course, individual results may vary. Rely on Dr. Arthur Cambeiro to provide you with personalized guidance and advice. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Cambeiro in the Las Vegas area, please call Cambeiro Plastic Surgery at 702-566-8300