Nipples and areolas can be especially sensitive to such health and lifestyle issues as pregnancy, nursing, weight gain or loss. Men with gynecomastia may also experience an unappealing change in nipple shape.

If you’re a woman or a man who feels you may be a candidate for nipple or areola surgery repair or reconstruction, you naturally want your surgery performed by a top Board-certified Las Vegas plastic surgeon with skill in specialized body procedures. That's why we urge you to contact the Henderson, Nevada offices of Arthur M. Cambeiro, M.D. Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery at 702-566-8300 to schedule your reconstructive nipple or areola surgery consultation.

Skill, Insight, Sensitivity

It’s not uncommon for the nipple or areola to exhibit such aesthetic abnormalities as stretched or darkened skin, or for one nipple or areola to appear to be a different shape than the other.

Some other common reasons that patients come to Dr. Cambeiro for nipple or areola surgery include:

  • Inverted nipples. This typically-congenital condition can affect one or both nipples. It is often caused by condensed connective tissue or milk ducts that tug the nipple inward. Women or men who experience this condition might have nipples or areolas that are flat, exhibit a distinct wrinkle, or may appear to have a hole in the nipple location. Although inverted nipples tend to be more cosmetic than health-related, it can prohibit some women from nursing or fully enjoying intimacy.
  • Enlarged Areolas. The procedure for reducing an enlarged areola is well-suited to women or men who feel unhappy or insecure about the size or shape of their areolas. This condition can happen due to:
    • A genetic predisposition
    • Dramatic weight loss
    • Nursing
  • Enlarged Nipples. This, too, is a condition that either women are men can experience. Enlarged nipples are most commonly caused by genetics, childbearing, or gynecomastia.

It is one of the rewards of this area of medicine that Dr. Cambeiro can apply his extensive training and clinical experience to improving the lives of his patients through nipple or areola reconstructive surgery.

Common Nipple & Areola Surgery Questions

Here are some details about reconstructive nipple or areola surgery that patients often want to know.

  • Nipple sensation can be affected by any incision around the areola or nipple. In most cases, this loss of sensation diminishes roughly six months after surgery.
  • Breastfeeding after nipple or areola surgery is something about which you’ll want to talk with Dr. Cambeiro. While some women heal completely from reconstructive breast surgery and are able to nurse without incident, others experience milk duct dysfunction after surgery. This is one reason that some female patients prefer to wait until after their childbearing years to undergo a nipple or areola reduction or reconstruction.
  • Other breast surgeries are generally done apart from nipple or areola surgery as this type of reconstructive surgery alone can be complicated and demand focused recovery.

Dr. Cambeiro Is Here to Help

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